Sarah Jean McPeek

I am a PhD candidate in biology with Dr. Butch Brodie III at the University of Virginia. I study messy forager interactions in nature. I am particularly fascinated by how plants mediate the behavior of helpful and harmful animal foragers alike, and how a plant’s responses to pollinators and herbivores are ecologically and evolutionarily entwined. In my field research, I am building Amianthium muscaetoxicum, a toxic nectar-producing woodland wildflower, and its many insect foragers, as a model community to study these beautifully messy interactions in the wild.

I’ll be speaking at ESA 2022 in Montreal!

SYMP 14 – Theoretical advances in the ecology and evolution of mutualisms
Session Date: Wednesday August 17, 2022 
Session Time: 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM Eastern Time