Daily Nature Diary

Daily Nature Diary 1: Daffodils (Narcissus pseudonarcissus)

There are 397 daffodils in our yard. 401 if I include the four my housemate Caroline and I snipped off for the jar on our kitchen table. We had no idea that such a happy host of yellow would pop up along the fence of our neighborhood rental home. They all opened in the last couple of weeks: heralds of springtime. We’re delighted to have them!

Daffodils are perennial plants, meaning they flower for multiple seasons. Plants in the genus Narcissus are especially long-lived, with some records suggesting individuals could flower indefinitely, or at least far longer than the lifespan of a human observer. Hence the daffodil’s ancient namesake, Asphodel, after the mystical flowers filling the fields of Elysium in ancient Greek visions of heaven.

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